What is Q tools?

It’s an app that serves to help in different areas of personal growth.

It’s composed by videos of 2 minutes in duration where Sacred Geometry patterns and 432 Hz audio are combined along with powerful ancestral symbols.

What is Q tools for?

1 – To reprogram your mind and start working your subconscious.
2 – To materialize your desires and achieve your goals.
3 – For the law of attraction to work quickly and effectively.
4 – As a tool for spiritual growth and the expansion of consciousness.
5 – For the transmutation of negative energies into positive.
6 – To purify and adjust the aura.
7 – To align and purify the Chakras.
8 – To get to sleep and relax.

How to use Q tools:

Sit comfortably on a chair with your back straight and your arms and legs uncrossed. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing and block out the thoughts that interfere with this proccess.

If you’re a man, visualize a tube or coil of light of about 15cm in diameter that parts from your first Chackra.
If you’re a woman, visualize a tube or coil of light of about 15cm in diameter that parts from your second Chackra.
Now, expand this tube of light until it reaches the centre of the Earth and feel this connection.

With your conciousness, regulate the expansion of your aura field within a distance of 90cm around the body in an oval shape. Now, visualize a rain of golden light particles that fall and cross your aura. Pay attention to the amazing sensation you’re experiencing.

Open your eyes and select the video you want to work on in the ‘Q tools’ app. Keep your mind clear and focus your sight to the centre if the geometrical figure while you listen to the audio. This way, you’ll be giving instructions to your subconscious to achieve your goals and expand your conciousness.

Preferably concentrate on one or two videos a day as many times as you want.

You can now download QTools for Android and iOS for free.

Or buy QTools Premium for Android and iOS.